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4 Energy-Saving Tips For The Home Which Could Save Hundreds

1. Change to LED lights

Shorter winter days mean we're switching on lights earlier and using more power. You can mitigate your electricity use by changing light bulbs to LEDs. They're a greener option and are also more energy efficient, using up to 80 per cent less energy and lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

LEDs are available to suit in a range of shapes and sizes, from down lights to floodlights. Switching your light fittings to dimmable LEDs not only saves you power, but their long life makes for easy maintenance.

We recommend using warm white in living areas to give them a cosy feel, and cool white in other areas like bathrooms and kitchens where a crisper light is required.

• Switching to energy-efficient lighting could halve your household lighting costs
• According to, replacing your home's five most frequently used light bulbs with models that have earned the energy star can save up to $75 a year.

2. Switch off at the wall

It's easy to do but we often forget to turn off our light switches and appliances at the wall when we're not using them.

Many household appliances, especially entertainment systems and tech devices, still chew up energy even when they're on standby mode. You can save yourself some cash by unplugging all of your appliances or using a multi-plug board so all appliances can be turned off properly at the same time when you're finished with them - including the kids' Xbox.

• According to Energy Wise appliances left on standby can cost you more than $100 a year on your power bills.

3. Get your timing right

Homes waste a lot of power through unnecessary heating. A programmable timer can help keep losses to a minimum by letting the temperature in your home stay at the right level to suit you.

You can use a timer to set the air conditioning (heating) to "off" during the day, when the house is empty, and programme it to turn on shortly before you're due home. This means you're coming home to a warm, cosy house. You can also do the same with your towel rail.

• According to Energy Wise if you have your towel rail on for four hours a day rather than all the time you could save $130 a year.

4. Monitor your usage

Cutting down your power consumption can be difficult if you don't know where you're using the most electricity.

There is a range of products available that help you monitor your electricity consumption around the clock via an online app.

For example, a PDL product called Ecomind allows you to keep track of your electricity consumption, analyse your usage and learn how to save energy. It's also a great way to teach kids about saving power.